About Us

Who we are:

Mil Tech Labs, Inc. is a provider of tactical hardware. We pride ourselves with having reliable and unique solutions for the user that needs to gain a strategic advantage over the enemy. From custom hardware to off-the-shelf products, Mil Tech Labs has the perfect product mix for your application. We are happy to assist you throughout your entire decision making process.

Where we offer our product mix:

Mil Tech Labs offers most of its products and services online (miltechlabs.com) and encourages both domestic and global users to explore the vast product offering. Please contact us for any requirements that do not currently reflect the solutions provided in our online store.

Who we serve:

Mil Tech Labs is proud to continue to serve:

Private and Public Corporations

Individuals and Contractors

Educational Institutions


Armed Forces

Additional Information: For more information, please contact us: info@miltechlabs.com