Thermal Imager Project Lens Protector Plastic

Description: This semi-rigid, thin film plastic can protect your thermal imager lens from debris while allowing the *majority of LWIR (longwave infrared) transmission to pass through. The plastic, while appearing opaque to the naked eye, allows infrared in the 8-14 μm wavelength range to pass through. While this small plastic sheet is intended to be used for projects and light commercial applications, it does offer protection against most alkalies and acids. 

Size: 1.5 x 2 inches (38.1 x 50.8 mm)

Thickness: Approximately 0.016 inches (0.4 mm)

Installation and handling advice: While this plastic will most likely be used in a hands-on bench setup or for a light commercial application, it is advised that you handle the plastic by the edges and allow the plastic to regulate to ambient temperature before operating your thermal imager. Due to the fact that your hands and fingers transmit heat to the plastic, it may distort the visible image being interpreted by the imager until the plastic film regulates to ambient temperature. 

*Note: While this plastic is transmissive to most longwave infrared in the 8-14 μm range, it does not allow for 100% transmittance. This means that you might notice a relative difference in the projected image by your thermal camera as some parts of the wavelength range transmit better than others. Furthermore, we believe that this plastic will impede your ability to gather accurate radiometric data.


Thermal Imager Project Lens Protector Plastic, Infrared Transmissive

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